About Joshua Paul

I’m Joshua Paul, the founder and creator of Grappling School. I created Grappling School to share my thoughts on grappling with the goal of helping myself and my readers become better grapplers. Or to simply fall in love with the grappling arts.

Of course, BJJ is my go-to grappling art that I practice on a weekly basis. But I also love cross-training in various grappling arts. My favorites are catch wrestling, judo, and Greco-Roman wrestling.

I first got passionate about martial arts in my late teens or around 2007. I started out with boxing and after watching the movie Ong Bak I started to research if there were any Muay Thai schools in Austin.

Luckily for me, there was one place to train and it was at a BJJ gym that had one Muay Thai class on Thursday nights. So I started training there every Thursday and did a few BJJ classes per week as well.

Crazy enough this was when Austin only had two BJJ schools. Now Austin seems to be the jiu-jitsu capital of the world.

However, my Muay Thai teacher left and started his own school too far away from where I lived. After some time I found an MMA school taught by an Olympic Wrestler turned UFC star. But unfortunately, he too decided to leave Austin to focus on his MMA career.

That is when I met my wife and took a bit of time off from martial arts. However, my passion never went away and that is when I decided to get back into the game. Since 2018 I have focused pretty much exclusively on grappling.

I am currently a BJJ purple belt under Rodrigo Cobral at Fight Factory in Austin, Texas. At Fight Factory ( formally known as Brazilian Fight Factory ) I am lucky to get to grapple with some of the best competitors and teachers in the world.

Though Jiu-Jitsu is where I focus most of my time, I love learning from all of the grappling arts. My favorites ( outside of BJJ ) are catch wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling.