Is BJJ Fanatics Legit? Here’s what you can expect from their programs

Is BJJ Fanatics Legit?

Whether you are new to BJJ or just getting started you have probably heard of BJJ fanatics is the most popular source of BJJ instructionals and DVDs on the planet. However, you might be hesitant to spend your hard-earned money taking a chance on purchasing one of thier jiu-jitsu instructionals. After all, Is BJJ fanatics legit? Or are you better off saving your hard-earned cash? 

BJJ fanatics is certainly legit. In fact, BJJ fanatics only produce instructionals from the most sought-after BJJ competitors and coaches in the world. This does not mean that these instructionals are cheap or that you need to purchase them. However, I can say for sure that BJJ fanatics is legit. 

Whether or not you should purchase a program from BJJ fanatics is totally up to you and your financial circumstances. If you can’t even afford to go to BJJ classes then purchasing instructionals from BJJ fanatics is probably not your biggest priority. On the other hand, if you are willing to invest some money into learning from some of the best minds in BJJ, then BJJ fanatics is certainly a legit resource to choose from. 

Why BJJ Fanatics Is Legit

Since we now live in the age of the internet we have access to more information than ever. I am still in his early thirties and I can remember a time when most cities in the USA did not have a place to train BJJ. Now there seems to be a new BJJ school opening up on every corner.

But what is even crazier than that is the access we have to the greatest minds in jiu-jitsu through the internet. Though some people might have the opinion that BJJ instructions are too expensive, it is truly relative to your circumstances. With that in mind, just because I think BJJ fanatics instructionals are legit and typically worth the money does not mean that it is right for you at this time.

What I would say is that spending money on a course can certainly help you learn at a faster pace and get access to some of the best teachers in the world. Sure some of the $200 courses might seem very steep but it’s actually a lot cheaper than you are likely to pay if you wanted a private lesson with that same teacher. 

BJJ Fanatics Provides Access To The Best Jiu-Jitsu Minds In The World

So by creating a course, these competitors and coaches are able to spread their knowledge to more people across the globe. If you want to learn a specific skill you can choose to learn from the best in the world. Unlike a private lesson, however, you can come back to these programs over and over. 

So personally, I try and look at the bright side. Which is that I have access to learning BJJ from the best in the world and get to choose whether or not I want to purchase one of their instructionals or not. At the end of the day, at least the option is there. 

How To Choose The Right BJJ Fanatics Instructional

The best way for you to get your money’s worth when purchasing a BJJ Instructional from BJJ fanatics is by purchasing the right program from the start. If you are brand new to jiu-jitsu for example you do not need the latest leg lock instructional instead you need to purchase a program designed for BJJ white belts

Or perhaps there is a certain part of your game that you need to improve such as your stand-up grappling and takedowns. In this case, you want to make sure to purchase a program that is designed for exactly what you need to work on at the moment. That is one of the great things about BJJ fanatics is that they have a program for just about everything. 

In fact, I have even created a BJJ instructional guide to help you best understand how to learn from instructionals and which one might be right for you. If you pick a program that you are not ready for or that does not address a hole in your game then you might feel like you wasted your money. 

What To Expect From A BJJ Fanatics Instructional

Usually, when someone has a disappointing experience with BJJ fanatics it comes from not having their expectations met. Often times it was something as simple as choosing the wrong program in the first place. Otherwise, it is usually that they expected more content than was delivered. 

Honestly, this really just comes from a certain person’s viewpoint. One person could purchase a program and be amazed at how much detail and content is delivered through the program. On the other hand, someone could purchase the same program and feel like they were ripped off. 

The way I think about it is that I get a program that I can constantly go back to and learn from that is made by the most legit grapplers and coaches in the world. So far I have only been satisfied with my purchases.

How To Know What You Can Expect From A Program

If you are expecting to buy a program with hours upon hours worth of content then you might be let down.

It’s hard to say for sure ( just my guess ) but it seems like most instructionals have about 2-4 hours worth of content. Thankfully, you can actually see how much content is in each instructional before purchasing. Just scroll through the course content and you can see the amount of time spent on each subject. 

By doing this you can see just how much content is covered and roughly how much detail the program goes into. This can give you a good idea of what to expect before purchasing. This way, you are less likely to get disappointed by unmet expectations. 

Another thing that must be stated is that even though BJJ Fanatics only works with legit grapplers and coaches, they are not all going to give the same value. Don’t get me wrong BJJ Fanatics is not going to let a bad program on their platform, however, some instructors will go into more detail and give more value than others. 

So to avoid buying the wrong program or wasting your money check out my BJJ instructional guide here! Then make sure to read through the course content and get a good idea of what you can expect from the program.

BJJ fanatics is legit but you simply need to have reasonable expectations on what exactly you will get out of the program. So go to I see if there is a good program for you!

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