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Are you looking to learn Catch wrestling through online instructionals? If so look no further we are going to discuss the best catch wrestling instructionals you can purchase online. Though there are many to choose from we will cover which ones are best for you!

Finding a gym where you can learn catch wrestling is hard. Most places in the world do not have a catch wrestling gym to train at. Thankfully, we can learn from the best in the world online.

We Will Cover The Best Catch Wrestling Instructionals From:

Why Learn From Catch Wrestling Instructionals

Catch wrestling instructionals are online digital courses that can help you learn catch wrestling. Some catch wrestling instructionals cover a wide spectrum of techniques whereas others are highly focused on one aspect of catch wrestling.

Examples might include instructionals specifically on catch wrestling takedowns, submissions, neck cranks, toe holds, and much more.

Unfortunately, it is very hard or near impossible to learn catch wrestling from a qualified instructor in most parts of the world. But thankfully, we can keep this grappling art alive with online content such as instructionals.

On top of that, we get to learn from the best in the world. So whether you want to get involved in the catch wrestling sport, MMA, or are looking to improve your overall grappling game catch wrestling instructionals are likely the best place to get started.

Of course, catch wrestling instructionals are not a replacement for learning firsthand. But if you don’t have a catch wrestling gym near you ( and you probably don’t ) then instructionals are your next best bet.

Picking The Best Catch Wrestling Instructional

Picking the best catch wrestling instructionals from the start is the best way to not feel like you wasted your money. If you are just getting started with catch wrestling then you will want to choose something that is beginner friendly.

Or maybe you have been wrestling for some time and have takedowns down but need to add some catch wrestling submissions into your game. In this case, you want a catch wrestling instructional that is focused on submissions.

That’s really what is so great about Catch wrestling instructionals. You can continue to expand your knowledge in whatever area you choose from the best Catch wrestling coaches in the world.

The best way to pick the best catch wrestling instructional is by choosing the right coach. So with all of that said, let’s check out the best catch wrestling instructionals from my favorite teachers in the world.

Best Catch Wrestling Instructionals by Neil Melanson

Neil Melanson is not only one of my favorite catch wrestling instructors, he is one of my favorite instructors for all things grappling. Not only is he amazing at catch wrestling, he is one of the greatest grappling and MMA coaches in the world.

As one of the head coaches of the Blackzilians, Neil has coached some of the biggest names in MMA. Some notable fighters would include Randy Couture, Chael Sonnen, and Dominick Cruz.

Neil’s grappling style is unlike anyone else in the world because he comes from a mixed grappling background of catch wrestling, judo, and much more.

Neil was trained by some of the greatest grappling instructors of all time such as Gene Lebell and Gokor Chivivhyan. So if you want to learn catch wrestling or grappling in general Neil Melanson won’t let you down.

That said, just to give you a fair warning Neil comes from a mixed grappling background including catch wrestling but perhaps everything in his instructionals might not be ”pure” catch. But that said, they are pure grappling genius.

The Catch Wrestling Formula By Neil Melanson:

Best Catch Wrestling Instructional ny Neil Melanson

Neil’s go-to catch wrestling instructional is The Catch Wrestling Formula. Though it is great for anyone who wants to learn catch wrestling, I think it is best for anyone who simply wants to be a better grappler.

If you do BJJ for example, learning from Neil’s unconventional grappling style will help you get an edge over your rolling partners. This instructional covers a good number of techniques that can help anyone game.

Techniques covered would include the following and more:

  • Armbars
  • Chokes: Including D’arce, RNC, Guillotines, Anaconda Choke, Mizzou Choke, and even a Fist Choke
  • His Cowcatcher
  • His Cradle Series
  • Neil’s Wizzer Series
  • His Shoulder Pin Closed Guard Series
  • Leg Attacks: Such as Kneebars and Heel Hooks

Cradle Of Filth By Neil Melanson:

Catch wrestling Cradle Series Instructional

You can’t have a catch wrestling instructional without covering the cradle. It turns out Cradle Of Filth is not only a metal band but also a great Catch wrestling instructional.

In this Catch wrestling instructional Neil Melanson shows you all of the secrets to his amazing cradle game. In my opinion, the cradle is one of the most underutilized techniques in all of grappling.

Of course, it is used quite often in wrestling for pinning but it is also very useful in submission grappling. You can transition from the cradle to so many different attacks and submissions.

Honestly, I’d simply say to go and check out this instructional for yourself. There are simply too many submissions taught from cradle in this instructional to name.

Off With Their Head Instructional:

If you are looking for the best catch wrestling instructional on chokes and neck cranks this is the one for you. In this series, Neil covers a long list of chokes and cranks that he loves to use.

One of the main chokes you will learn to master is the arm triangle choke. This choke is one of the highest percentage chokes you can use in grappling, especially when you know how to do it right.

Of course, there are many other chokes you will learn in this instructional as well. Some of them might even be chokes you have never heard of like the butcher shop north-south choke.

Ground Marshal Leglocks By Neil Melanson:

If you are looking for the best catch wrestling instructionals on leg locks then you are going to want to check out Ground Marshal Leglocks.

Though leg locks were not too common in BJJ until recent years, they have been a staple of catch wrestling for a long time.

Catch wrestling has a good number of leg attacks including hip locks, ankle locks, toe holds, kneebars, heel hooks, and more. You can learn these and more from this amazing instructional.

The Filthy Kimura By Neil Melanson:

If there was any submission I associate with catch wrestling it would probably be the double wrist lock AKA the kimura. The kimura is one of the best submissions and grips you can master.

You can use the kimura or kimura grips from just about any position in grappling. It is highly effective even at the highest levels of submission grappling and MMA.

Catch wrestlers have used the kimura against BJJ fighters for many years. In fact, the kimura in BJJ was named after the judoka who submitted Helio Gracie and was used by the Gracie Hunter to submit the Gracies in MMA.

Filthy Neck Locks By Neil Melanson:

catch wrestling necklock instructional

We can’t have a best catch wrestling instructional list without one on neck cranks and neck locks. Neck locks are common in catch wrestling but not too common in other grappling sports.

In fact, doing a neck crank in many BJJ gyms might even get you into a real fight. So be careful who you practice these neck locks with.

Though highly effective, you might wanna check with your rolling partner to make sure they are down with neck cranks before trying. That said, if they are allowed in the competition you are in you can use these catch wrestling neck locks to throw your competitors off guard.

Best Catch Wrestling Instructionals by Josh Barnett

Probably the most notable catch wrestler alive is Josh Barnett. At least when it comes to proving his skills in real life. He is not only one of the best grappling competitors of all time, he is even a former UFC heavyweight champion.

Josh Barnett like any serious UFC fighter and competitive grappler has trained in multiple grappling styles. That said, he is a true catch wrestler who has used his catch wrestling to submit BJJ legends such as Dean Lister.

He might be the only person in the world to be a catch wrestling world champion, no-gi BJJ world champion, and UFC world Champion.

So you might not want to pick a fight with Josh Barnett but you definitely want to learn catch wrestling from him!

Championship Catch Wrestling: The Head And Arm Ride By Josh Barnett

One of Josh Barnett’s most famous grappling matches was against Deal Lister at Metamoris 4. It was so memorable because he submitted Dean Lister from Kesa Gatame with a check compression/neck crank submission.

So whether you are looking to learn straight catch wrestling or simply want to look at side control from a whole new lens this is an amazing catch wrestling instructional.

You will learn about submissions you may never heard of such as the Rutten Crush, the Anaconda Vice, and the Schalles Crunch.

Of course, some of these might get you to lose some friends in BJJ class but they are very effective submissions Josh Barnett has used to beat some of the best grapplers in the world.

Championship Level Catch Wrestling By Josh Barnett

This Catch Wrestling instructional is all about the double wrist lock or the Kimura in BJJ. We will call it the double wrist lock in this article because that is what catch wrestlers called it years before it was named kimura in BJJ.

That said, whatever you call it, the double wrist lock is one of the most important submissions and grips you need to learn in grappling. Though I have known this technique for many years, Josh Barnett has taught me details that have vastly improved its effectiveness.

You can use the double wrist lock from just about anywhere. Not only to submit your opponent but also to force them into different positions. I don’t think there is anyone better to learn the double wrist lock from than Josh Barnett.

It is a short instructional, but I bet you would be surprised how much you can learn from it even if you have been doing double wrist locks/kimuras for years. Here is a brief preview of Josh Barnett’s double wrist lock.

Josh Barnett Catch Wrestling Leg Lock Instructionals

If you are looking for the best Catch wrestling instructionals for leg attacks you might want to check out these from Josh Barnett:

If you are looking to improve your catch wrestling leg attack game Josh Banett has some great instructionals that can help you out.

Though all are great I really love the Toe Hold and Achilles lock instructionals. The toe hold is very unique and often neglected in other grappling arts and they are fun to learn.

The reason I love the Achilles lock is because I was never able to ankle lock my opponents in BJJ until I started leaning from Josh Barnett. Some of the simple tricks he showed me have helped me to finally start tapping people out with ankle locks.

These are simple but effective details I have never seen anyone teach besides Josh Barnett. So even if you don’t think ankle locks work, I would at least check out what Josh Barnett has to share in his instructionals.

Best Catch Wrestling Instructionals From Jake Shannon

Another well-known catch wrestling coach is Jake Shannon. Though I have not watched as much from Jake Shannon as Neil Melanson or Josh Barnett, he does have a few catch wrestling instructionals worth checking out.

The Nelson Family: Catch Wrestling Holds by Jake Shannon

The first one to mention is Nelson Family: Catch Wrestling Nelson Holds. You don’t have catch wrestling without the Nelson hold and all the variations of it.

Whether you are into catch, BJJ, or another form of wrestling, various Nelson holds can greatly improve your game. They are effective for controlling your opponents as well as submitting them. Just understand the rules of your sport first.

Catch Wrestling Takedowns By Jake Shannon:

Another important aspect we have not covered in Catch wrestling is takedowns. Catch wrestling does and always has had effective takedowns.

In fact, most of the takedowns from Freestyle and Folkstyle wrestling originated from catch wrestling. In fact, these styles come from catch wrestling and are simply watered-down versions.

Not that these styles are not hardcore in their own right but they were basically invented because Catch wrestling was too brutal for the Olympics or schools.

So if you want to learn some takedowns from this old-school wrestling style check out this instructional!

Catch Wrestling Submissions By Jake Shannon:

We have already covered some of the best catch wrestling instructionals on submissions. However, if you are looking for one that covers a ton of catch wrestling submissions this is the one for you.

Though he might not go into the same detail as some of the others do on a more focused instructional on a subject like double wrist locks, Jake covers a long list of Catch wrestling submissions.

In fact, you probably just need to go to the sales page to find out all the submissions in this instructional because there are too many to want to name in this article.

Best Kazushi Sakuraba Catch Wrestling Instructionals

I’m not sure anyone put catch wrestling on the map as much as Kazushi Sakuraba did. After all, he was not named the Gracie Hunter for no reason.

Kazushi Sakuraba is one of the best MMA fighters of all time and is known for not only beating many of the Gracies but actually out-grappling them and submitting them.

Sakuraba has two Catch Wrestling instructionals worth checking out. One is called Anti Jiu-Jitsu and the other is Kimura Hunting.

Both are based on the techniques he used to beat some of the best BJJ fighters of all time. The only downside is that he speaks Japanese and needs an interpreter.

Because of that, it can make it not as smooth as some of the other instructionals. But the actual content is gold and they cost less than most other catch wrestling instructionals.

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