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Are looking into purchasing a Daisy Fresh Instructional but not sure which one to choose or whether or not they are worth the money? If so we will cover all of the best Daisy Fresh instructionals and help you choose which one is the best for you!

The best way to get the most out of your BJJ instructionals is by purchasing the best one for your needs. If you are brand new to BJJ then you don’t need to be worried about overly technical guards. Instead, you need to be focusing on the fundamentals.

Luckily, daisy fresh has some great instructionals for white belts and blue belts. So if you are looking for the best Daisy Fresh instructionals as a white belt I would start with their white belt curriculum.

Best Daisy Fresh Instructionals For White Belts

Daisy Fresh has one of the best instructional series for white belts. In fact, they have an instructional for your entire white belt journey starting with the first stripe all the way to your fourth stripe. So if you are a white belt this is the series for you.

In fact, this is probably the only BJJ instructional series I would bother purchasing until you are at the blue belt level. It would be better to take this content and actually master it rather than buying countless instructionals just to watch once or twice.

The Daisy Fresh Curriculum: White Belt Stripe 1 By Heath Pedigo

If you just started BJJ the Daisy Fresh white belt stripe 1 instructional is the place to start. In this instructional Heath Pedigo will show you exactly what he wants to teach his new students from the start.

You will learn starting from a standing position and how to properly pull guard. From there Heath will show you how to control and attack from the closed guard. Heath covers the first basic attacks you need to know from the closed guard and how to retain guard as well.

Lastly you will learn some basic escapes and how to properly recover guard from side control and from half guard. All in all this is likely the best Daisy Fresh instructional to start with if you are brand new to BJJ.

The Daisy Fresh Curriculum: White Belt Stripe 2 By Heath Pedigo

Once you are past your first stripe as a white belt the next Daisy Fresh instructional to check out is the White Belt Stripe 2 curriculum. Like the stripe 1 instructional, this one starts from the stand-up position as well.

However, instead of pulling guard, you will learn a few very effective takedowns. After learning the takedowns you will move on to learn how to pass your opponent’s guard. From there you will learn how to get into a more dominant position.

This is not only great for winning competitions, but it also gives you the foundation to be an effective jiu-jitsu player. So once you are past stripe one, the next best Daisy Fresh instructional for you is the stripe 2 curriculum.

The Daisy Fresh Curriculum: White Belt Stripe 3 By Heath Pedigo

Next on the list is the Daisy Fresh white belt stripe 3 instructional. This instructional focuses on establishing and dominating from the top position.

You will learn more guard passing techniques that you can use from both the inside and outside positions that are effective against many of today’s more modern guards. Following the guard passes you will develop even more submissions that are very effective at all levels of BJJ!

The Daisy Fresh Curriculum: White Belt Stripe 4 By Heath Pedigo

The last on the list for the white belt curriculum from Daisy Fresh is the stripe 4 instructional. In this daisy fresh instructional Heath Pedigo is taking you back to your back ( no pun intended ). However, unlike the stripe 1 instructional, you will learn to become much more offensive off of your back.

You will learn more highly effective submissions from the bottom position including triangles, kimuras, armbars, and more. In addition, you will learn more effective sweeps and escapes that you need to master as a white belt.

Get All 4 Daisy Fresh White Belt Instructionals At A Discount!

Probably the best thing you can do if you want to save on the Daisy Fresh instructionals and have the money to do it is purchase the white belt bundle. By purchasing the bundle you can get all four instructionals at a discount.

At the time of writing this article, it is selling for the above price of $697 for all four. However, this is subject to change so make sure to check the current price before purchasing. That said, it should be discounted with the bundle!

Best Daisy Fresh Instructionals For Blue Belts

After you have mastered the daisy fresh instructionals for white belts, it is time to check out the daisy fresh blue belt series. The biggest difference between the two, however, is that the blue belt series is all no-gi.

That said, just like the daisy fresh white belt instructionals, the blue belt curriculum also has four instructionals matching all four stripes on your way to purple belt.

Daisy Fresh Blue Belt Instructional Bundle

The best way to save on the daisy fresh blue belt instructionals is by purchasing the blue belt bundle. At the time of writing this article, it is going for the $697 shown above. Of course, this is subject to change but you can expect to get a discount from purchasing the bundle.

Like the white belt bundle, the daisy fresh blue belt bundle features all four of the instructionals in the series. Starting with stripe one all the way to stripe.

Or you can check them out individually here:

The Daisy Fresh Side Control System By Andrew Wiltse

Another great daisy fresh instructional is the side control system by Andrew Wiltse. Unless you are brand new to BJJ you probably know who Andrew Wiltse is. After all, is one of the best competitors on the scene right now.

Andrew Wiltse is a talented teacher and competitor in both gi and no-gi jiu-jitsu. In this daisy fresh instructional Andrew will show you the secrets of the daisy fresh side control game.

You will learn how to control from side control as well as attack with an arsenal of high-percentage side control submissions.

The Daisy Fresh Omoplata By Andrew Wiltse

If the omoplata is not a submission you have in your arsenal then you are truly missing out. In this daisy fresh instructional Andrew Wiltse will show you his secrets to a highly effective omaplata game.

The omoplata is a highly effective submission that can be utilized in many scenarios. However, many people know how to properly get into omoplata position or sweep, but very few know the secrets to a high-percentage finish.

So if you are looking to master the omoplata then this is the daisy fresh instructional for you!

The Daisy Fresh Kimura Trap By Andrew Wiltse

Another one of the best daisy fresh instructionals is the Daisy Fresh Kimura Trap by Andrew Wiltse. Using the kimura grip against your opponents is one of the best techniques you can master.

Of course, you can use kimura grips to get some high percentage submissions, but that is not all the kimura trap is good for. In fact, this grip can help you control your opponent, pass their guard, and of course sweep them.

This daisy fresh is short and sweet but all the content is gold. So you are not using the kimura trap now then it is time to learn!

Best Daisy Fresh Leg Lock Instructional

Do you want to learn leg locks Daisy Fresh style? Then Finishing Leg Locks Daisy Fresh Style by Jacob Couch is perfect for you.

In this daisy fresh leg lock instructional you will learn one of the most important aspects of leg locks. Which is, of course, finishing them. Many people know how to get positioned for leg locks but fail at the final details of getting the submission.

Small tweaks can make the biggest difference between submitting your opponent with a leg lock or not. So if you struggle with actually finishing your leg locks you might wanna check out this daisy fresh instructional.

A Daisy Fresh Take On Arm Bars by Chad Hawkins

Armbars are about as fundamental of a technique that you can master. So if you are not hitting armbars from just about everywhere then you are missing out.

In this daisy fresh instructional black belt instructor Chad Hawkins will show you the secrets of the daisy fresh arm bar.

Best Free Daisy Fresh Instructional!

Alright, so I understand that BJJ instructionals are not cheap. Though all these daisy fresh instructionals are great I understand that they are out of reach for some. Or perhaps you just wanna make sure they are quality first.

If this is you then don’t worry Daisy Fresh actually has a free instructional on BJJ fanatics. That is, of course, The Daisy Fresh Knee Slice by Andrew Wiltse. The knee slice pass is one of the most fundamental guard passes in BJJ.

Best of all Andrew Wiltse is willing to share his Knee Slice secrets for free! So don’t miss out after all it is free so what do you have to lose?

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