Best Jiu Jitsu Instructionals On Takedowns and Throws

Best jiu jitsu instructionals on takedowns

The are a ton of great jiu-jitsu instructionals on takedowns and throws that you can find online. However, with so many to choose from it is hard to know which are the best. So in this article will will discuss what I think are the best BJJ instructionals on takedowns and throws.

That said, I must start by saying that I have not seen every takedown instructional there is. But there are some instructionals that I know are good and there are a ton of other people who would agree. Here is a sneak peek at what I consider to be the best jiu-jitsu instructionals on takedowns.

Best BJJ Instructionals On Takedown and Throws Include:

Unfortanly many BJJ schools do not put enough focus on takedowns and throws. However, learning to take your opponent down is a crucial aspect of BJJ. Thankfully, we can now look to BJJ instructionals and videos online to help fill in the gaps in our game.

That said if you are going to spend money learning takedowns then you want to make sure you find the best BJJ instructionals on takedowns and throws.

How To Choose The Best BJJ Takedown Instructional

BJJ is an excellent martial art and sport. It can be very effective in both MMA and self-defense. That said, BJJ is typically thought of as a grappling style that focuses on grappling on the ground. So if a BJJ practitioner cannot take their opponent to the ground it will be hard for them to utilize their skills.

We want to focus on learning takedowns and throws that work well for jiu-jitsu and are easy to learn. There are some great takedowns and throws in judo and wrestling that are not as applicable in BJJ.

This is because you might fall into a vulnerable position or give your opponent your back. So when looking at takedown instructional we are focusing on the ones that are specifically geared toward BJJ.

Unfortunately, some BJJ schools put very little focus on takedowns. As we already covered, it’s hard to use your BJJ on an opponent if you can’t take them down to the ground in the first place. 

No one is saying that you need to know every takedown in the book. Instead, let’s focus on learning some takedowns that are effective and work well for BJJ players. With that said, let’s look at some BJJ instructionals that are focused on takedowns. 

Best Jiu-Jitsu Instructionals On Takedowns and Throws In The Gi 

The first thing we need to discuss when talking about the best BJJ instructionals on takedowns and throws is if we are in the gi or doing no-gi. After all, gi and no-gi takedowns are a totally different game.

Of course, many takedowns work in both but when you are in the gi you have so many different grip options. Many judo throws that work perfectly in the gi must be modified or thrown out for no-gi. Also some wrestling takedowns are harder to pull of as well when someone can get grips on you.

So with that said, lets check out the best jiu-jitsu instructionals for takedowns and throws in the Gi!

The Buchecha Takedown System In The Gi

If you are looking for a BJJ instructional on takedowns in the gi then you might wanna check this one out. The Buchecha Takedown System is taught by Marcus Almeida who is the only ever 13-time world champion.

So if you wanna build some confidence in your gi takedown game this might be the right choice for you. Learn how to set the pace take down your opponent and control the match with this jiu-jitsu takedown instructional! 

What I love most about this takedowns instructional is that Marcus focuses on the basics that are highly effective at all levels of BJJ.

Check out this example of a double-leg takedown in the Gi by Marcus Buchecha!

Simple Judo Takedowns For BJJ by Matt D’Aquino:

In the USA it is probably more likely that you come from a wrestling background than a judo background. That said, judo has some very effective takedowns and throws for BJJ. This should come as no surprise seeing as how BJJ originally evolved from judo.

That said since judo has become an Olympic sport that is quite a bit different from BJJ. So not all judo throws are going to be as effective for BJJ as they are in judo. This is definitely one of the best Judo Throw Instructionals for BJJ, especially in the GI.

In this instructional 4th Degree Judo black belt and Olympian Matt D’ Aquino shows you some simple judo takedowns that work great in BJJ!

The Ultimate Takedown Series Volume 1: Gripping & Kuzushi By Travis Stevens

Again if you want to learn takedowns in the gi then you must master gripping and Kuzushi. Kuzushi simply means to off-balance your opponent.

In this gripping and takedown instructional you will learn how to grip fight and takedown just about anyone. If you struggle with takedowns especially using gi grips this is the takedown instructional for you.

Travis covers a ton of content in this instructional series and certainly does not hold back from sharing the secrets of his amazing takedown game.

Best No-Gi Takedown Instructionals

Like in the gi, no-gi takedowns require a slightly different game when it comes to takedowns. In no-gi, you will want to focus more on wrestling takedowns or judo takedowns that are modified without grips.

So with that said, let’s check out the best no-gi instructionals on takedowns and throws.

Mastering No-Gi Takedowns By Travis Stevens

A good place to start is mastering no-gi takedowns by Travis Stevens. We have already established that Travis is an amazing takedown artist. However, coming from a judo background you typically think of him in the gi.

That said, Travis shows you how to adapt your judo skills to be effective in no-gi jiu-jitsu. This way you do not have to rely on grips to be a takedown master.

Like most of Travis Stevens’s instructionals, he covers a good amount of techniques. So by the end of this instructional, you will know how to convert some of your effective gi throws into effective no-gi throws.

Takedown Dominance Instructional By Andre Galvao

Andre Galvao is considered by many to be the greatest competitive grappler of all time. Not only is he a 6-time black belt world champion, but he is also a 6-time ADCC world champion. So no matter what rule set you to prefer, he is one of the best to learn from.

I would especially suggest this one over the first two if you are more focused on your no-gi game. Of course, these takedowns still work in the Gi but they do not require the gi to work properly. 

Andre Galvao has shown that he is one of the best takedown artists in the world of jiu-jitsu. What I love is that he focuses on the highly effective takedowns that actually work in competition. Sometimes it’s good to stick to the basics of the good old double-leg and single-leg takedowns. 

Best Jiu-Jitsu Takedown Instructional Bundle Series

So we have talked about individual takedown instructionals, but if you are looking for more then you might want to bundle and save by purchasing the entire series for a discount.

Probably the best takedown instructional series you can buy in a bundle is the feet-to-floor bundle by John Danaher. It features all three takedown instructionals from the Feet to Floor series.

It covers a ton of content and you can save by purchasing them all in one bundle. This takedown series will keep you busy for a long time and is great for all skill levels.

Why You Need an Instructional On BJJ Takedowns and Throws

A BJJ practitioner does not need to know every takedown or throw in the book. It would be better to really focus on mastering a few easy and effective takedowns.

After mastering a few great takedowns you can later add more to your game. But at first, just focus on learning a few takedowns and a few throws that are white belt friendly.

Since takedowns are not rewarded in BJJ as much as judo or wrestling, they are often not as big of a focus. Takedowns take up a lot of energy and are only awarded 2 points in a BJJ competition. For many BJJ players, they would rather simply pull guard and try and get a sweep. 

This is easy to understand as it would reward them with more points. Of course, if I made the rules takedowns would be worth more points than they are in BJJ, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.

Even though takedowns are not awarded as many points as I think they should, they are still a part of the game. So you should at least learn the basics of a good takedown game even if your game plan is to pull guard.

You Need Takedowns for Self-defense

The main reason I believe you need to learn takedowns and throws is for self-defense. Before sport BJJ, the main focus of jiu-jitsu was self-defense. Though the sport of BJJ does not award takedowns heavily, you probably would not want to pull guard in a self-defense situation.

Being on your back is much more dangerous when strikes are allowed and you might be facing multiple attackers. On top of that, you might not even get to use your BJJ if you can’t take your attacker to the ground. 

In addition, if you know some good throws you might be able to throw your attacker to the ground and run away. After all, avoiding a confrontation is always the best choice for self-defense

Knowing how to take someone down s is an essential skill every BJJ player needs to master. Even if you are only interested in sport jiu-jitsu. Just remember that even in competition every match starts standing up. 

Joshua Paul

Joshua Paul is a BJJ purple belt who lives in Austin, Texas. Joshua loves all forms of grappling and when he is off the mats he is likely spending time with his wife and son.

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