Best Marcelo Garcia Instructionals On BJJ Fanatics

Marcelo Garcia is one of my favorite instructors on BJJ fanatics. He has some of the best BJJ instructionals and is one of the most significant competitors and teachers. He has a handful of instructionals to choose from but what are the best Marcelo Garcia instructionals?

The two best Marcelo Garcia Instructionals on BJJ fanatics are the No-Gi passing system and The Complete Butterfly Guard. That said, he has many other great BJJ instructionals that we will cover in this article.

Marcelo Garcia is considered by many the greatest competitive grappler of all time. After all, he is a five-time world champion and a 4-time ADCC champion. 

Though he was more active in competition years ago, he is still one of the top instructors on the planet.

There is so much we can learn from Marcelo Garcia. But where to start can be a little bit overwhelming. After all, there are so many great Marceo Garcia instructionals to choose from.

Best Marcelo Garcia Instructionals For No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu

Marcelo Garcia is one of the greatest competitors of all time both in Gi and no-gi jiu-jitsu. That said, he really made his name for himself in no-gi competition.

Let’s put it this way before there was Gordon Ryan there was Marcelo Garcia. Marcelo changed the no-gi game and was one of the first to help revolutionize the sport.

Of course, we are also going to cover the best Marcelo Gracia Gi instructionals ( which are also great ) later. But first, let’s talk about the best no-gi instructionals by Marcelo Garcia.

Best Marcelo Garcia Guard Passing Instructional

best no-gi Marcelo Garcia instructional

Probably the best Marcelo Garcia instructional is his no-gi collection is The Complete No-Gi Guard Passing System.

In This BJJ instructional Marcelo Garcia teaches how to pass the guard in no-gi jiu-jitsu effectively. After all, knowing how to pass the guard is fundamental to any jiu-jitsu game.

It will equip you to learn how to attack the most common no-gi guards including, the butterfly guard, the inverted guard, the De La Riva, and more. 

Getting past an opponent’s guard is fundamental in BJJ, especially if you are a top player. So if you struggle to pass the guard in no-gi BJJ then check out this amazing Marcelo Garcia instructional today!

The Complete Butterfly Guard by Marcelo Garcia:

Marcelo Garcia Butteryfly Guard Instructional

Marcelo Garcia is the king of the butterfly guard. No one in BJJ has effectively used the butterfly guard to the same degree as he has.

Marcelo has two of the best butterfly guard instructionals on BJJ fanatics. One is in the Gi and one is for no-gi.

Both are great but I would say that the complete butterfly guard instructional is a must if you are trying to build a strong no-gi bottom guard.

The butterfly guard is a staple guard in no-gi jiu-jitsu and there is no one better to learn from than Marcelo Garcia.

The Complete North South Choke Instructional

Another technique that Marcelo Garcia does better than anyone else is the North-South Choke. If you ever wanted to master this choke then this is the instructionals for you.

No one is better at the north south choke than Marcelo Garcia. He has mastered this choke and does an excellent job at breaking it down in this instructional.

He takes you through just about all of the possible pitfalls and errors that are common with this choke. After all, this is a hard choke to master if you do not have the fine details dialed in.

That said, once you have it mastered this will likely become a go-to submission. Once you know what you are doing your opponents will have a very difficult time defending against this amazing choke.

The Complete Crucifix Back System Instructional

If you struggle with back takes in BJJ then perhaps you should give Marcelo’s Crucifix back system a try. You will learn effective attacks that are still underutilized in BJJ.

Learn to trap arms while you take the back and implement an arsenal of submissions including armlocks, chokes, and more.

No-Gi Marcelo Garcia Instructional Bundle

Marcelo Garcia instructional bundle

If you are interested in bundling some Marcelo Garcia instructionals together to get a discount then you are in luck. You can get all of the Marcelo Garcia instructionals we have talked about so far plus The Complete Mount System and The Complete Side Control System in this bundle.

Of course, it is advertised right now at the time of writing ( and in the pic above ) at $747 for the whole bundle. Of course, the price could change so make sure and double-check the price before purchasing.

This is at a pretty steep discount compared to purchasing all of them individually. What I love about this bundle is that it is pretty well-rounded with techniques and could keep you busy for a very long time.

This really is a combination of some of the best aspects of Marcelo Garcia’s game. So don’t miss out, if you want to learn the Marcelo Garcia system check out this bundle today.

Best Marcelo Garcia Instructionals In The GI

Though most of Marcelo Garcia’s instructionals are no-gi he does have some great ones in the Gi as well. So if you are more interested in Gi BJJ then you might want to check these ones out first.

Most people simply think of Marcelo Garcia as a no-gi competitor. This is understandable seeing as he is up there with the greatest no-gi competitors of all time.

That said, don’t forget that he is also a multiple-time world champion in the Gi as well. If you combine gi and no-gi together you could argue that he is the best to ever do it.

The Marcelo Gaurd: Mastering The Butterfly Guard

Marcelo Garcia’s most recent butterfly guard instructional is The Marcelo Guard: Mastering The Butterfly Guard. However, this one is focused on Gi BJJ so it is a bit different.

Unlike the no-gi butterfly guard, you can use gi grips and learn different sweeps and submissions from the butterfly guard. You will learn belt grips, lapel grips, and two-on-one grips from butterfly guard to completely control your opponents.

You can learn to use the butterfly guard to transition into some of your other favorite guards like the single-leg X or the X-Guard!

The Marcelo X-Guard Instructional

The X guard is one of Marcelo Garcia’s signature guards. No one in the world knows it better than him and this is probably the best instructional on the X-guard in BJJ.

The video above is just one of many examples of using the X-Guard to take the back or sweep to get a dominant position. Of course, the opportunities offensively are nearly endless.

This is an excellent guard if you know how to use it. Best of all, many people ( especially lower belts ) still do not have a good defense against it.

Marcelo has been mastering the X-guard for a very long time now. That said, these are not just old techniques that are out of date. Instead, they are totally updated to help you deal with newer techniques and defenses against the X guard.

All Other Marcelo Garcia Instructionals On BJJ Fanatics

Though I did not write about all of Marcelo Garcia’s instructionals on BJJ fanatics, he does have a few more. Honestly, he does not put out bad instructionals so maybe some of the ones I have not mentioned would be the best for you.

Honestly, choosing the best Marcelo Garcia instructional probably has more to do with what you are trying to learn at the moment than anything else.

So before you go you might wanna check out everything else he has to offer including:

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