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Are you looking for the best Russian Sambo instructionals? If so, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start and which Sambo instructionals are the best. There is a good number to choose from and you certainly don’t want to waste your money.

Thankfully, we are going to discuss which Sambo instructionals are the best to get started with. In addition, we will discuss which Sambo instructionals are the right choice for you at this time.

But first I am going to quickly outline the best Sambo instructionals now. But don’t worry we will discuss each in more detail later in this article.

Best Sambo Instructionals Include:

What Are Sambo Instructionals and Why Purchase One?

Sambo instructionals are online digital courses that teach sambo techniques and are typically taught by some of the best instructors on the planet. It is hard to find someone to learn Russian Sambo from in most parts of the world.

However, thanks to the internet we can learn many techniques from Russian Sambo online. Though it might not be as good as learning in person, for many it’s the only option.

So whether you want to learn Sambo to compete in Sambo or like me, simply want to incorporate techniques into your overall grappling game, Sambo instructionals are a great way to learn.

Choosing The Best Sambo Instructional

The best way to choose the right Sambo instructonal is by choosing which particular skills you want to master. You want to start with learning sambo throws are maybe interested in their leg lock game.

You might be disappointed if you purchase any old random program. So really do your research and have a goal of what you want to improve before you purchase.

Are Sambo Instructionals Worth The Money?

The price of Sambo instructionals might give you a bit of a sticker shock. That said, I do believe they can be worth the money if you choose wisely and take full advantage of the content.

Some sambo instructionals cost hundreds of dollars and some are under $50. So of course, if you can’t afford to pay the bills the last thing you need is a Sambo instructional.

You can learn a lot online for free but if you have the money I think instructionals or worth it. They are laid out in a simple way that is designed for learning things in the right order.

But again the best way to get your money out of each program is to choose the right one from the start. So with that said, let’s look at the best Sambo instructionals by category now!

Best Instructional On Sambo Throws

In my opinion, the best instructional on Sambo throws is Devastating Sambo Throws by Ivan Vasylchuk. Though it is pretty short, it contains all the major Sambo throws you should get started with.

In fact, by the time you master the throws in this instructional, you will have a very well-rounded and effective takedown game.

Ivan Vasylchuk is a Sambo world champion who has proven these throws to be effective at the highest level of competition. However, he also easily breaks these throws down in a way a newbie can understand.

Another great Sambo instructional that features some great Sambo throws is Sambo Throws Revealed By Vlad Koulikov. Vlad Koulikov is a grappling master. Not only is he a Sambo world champion but he is also a BJJ and Judo black belt.

In this instructional, you will learn some amazing Sambo takedowns. In addition, you will learn how to transition that takedown into some killer Sambo submissions.

Best Sambo Instructional For BJJ

best sambo instructional for BJJ

The best Sambo instructional for BJJ is Sambo For BJJ by Vlad Koulikov. For me the main reason I wanted to learn more Sambo techniques is to improve my overall grappling game.

Sambo is the perfect martial art to pair with BJJ and learning both will make you an overall better grappler. Best of all, you can catch your BJJ teammates off guard by implementing Sambo into your game.

Vlad is both a Sambo world champion and a BJJ black belt. So if you want the best Sambo instructional to improve your BJJ game this is the one to get!

Best Sambo Instructional For Submissions

For a general Sambo submissions instructional the best one to go for is Killer Sambo Submissions By Ivan Vasylchuk. This is a short instructional that covers the most basic and common submissions in Sambo.

Though it is short it is also fairly priced. So you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on this one. All in all, it is a great Sambo instructional to get started with if you want to learn submissions.

Sambo Academy Arm Bars Instructional

If you are looking to focus on one Sambo submission you might want to master the armbar. The armbar is an effective submission in Sambo as well as MMA and all other submission grappling arts.

Even if you know the armbar from BJJ, this instructional can help you understand some of the finer details of the armbar. A submission as simple as an armbar might take you a few minutes to learn but it takes a lifetime to master.

Best Sambo Instructionals On Leg Attacks

To add to the Sambo Academy Series, Ivan Vasylchuk also has two great Sambo instructionals on leg attacks. The first one is his Achilles Locks instructional.

The Achilles lock is a great leg attack to get started with whether you are new to Sambo or BJJ. It really is an introduction to many other leg attacks and leg locks you can implement down the road.

Next up if you want to take you Sambo leg game even further then you might check out Sambo Academy: Knee Bars by Ivan Vasylchuk.

Kneebars are another lower body attack that is effective in all submission grappling sports and MMA. So why not learn from one of the best Kneebar specialists on the planet?

Best Combat Sambo Instructionals

Combat sambo is a martial art and sport that incorporates striking with sambo grappling techniques. It looks very similar to MMA but has a little bit different rule set.

This is why so many Combat Sambo fighters have transitioned into MMA so well. Think about fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and my favorite heavyweight of all time Fedor Emelianenko.

These two alone show you just how effective combat sambo is. They are after all both contenders for the being greatest MMA fighters ever.

So if you are interested in combat sambo or MMA then you might want to find the best Combat sambo instructional. The first one I want to talk about is another Sambo Academy: Combat Sambo.

In this series, Ivan partners with Anatoly Voloshinov to teach you how to combine your sambo wrestling skills with effective Combat Sambo striking.

Sambo: The Top Game A Blueprint For Smeshing

It’s hard to talk about Sambo without talking about Khabib Nurmagomedov. After all, he is probably the most famous Sambist in the West.

This is because many people would consider him to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time. So why not learn combat sambo from the most accomplished Sambo MMA fighter of all time?

Khabib will show you all of his Combat Sambo smashing secrets that he has used at the highest level of competition.

You will learn how to close the distance for takedowns as well as how to combine strikes and sambo takedowns.

In addition, you will learn some of Khabib’s favorite sambo submissions that he has used in sambo and MMA.

But most of all you will learn how to control and ” Smesh” your opponents with Khabibs killer ground game that mixes grappling and striking on the ground.

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