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Best leg lock instructionals

There are a ton of great leg-lock instructionals online. However, sometimes there can be so many to choose from that it can become overwhelming. For that reason, we are going to discuss some of the best leg lock instructionals you can buy at

BJJ Fanatics is the leader when it comes to online Jiu-Jitsu instructionals. After all, they have been doing it for a very long time and have accumulated hundreds if not thousands of BJJ instructionals from the best grapplers in the world.

They also have the largest library of leg lock instructionals. So before we get overwhelmed with all the choices let’s simply discuss what I think are some of the best Leg Lock instructionals to start with!

Leg Lock Anthology 50/50: Best Overall Leg Lock Instructional

Lachlan Giles never fails to impress his fans when it comes to quality content. He always gives great detail and does not hold back on teaching his leg lock secrets.

Lachlan Giles is not only a great competitor in his own right, he is also a great instructor. In fact, he was the instructor to Craig Jones before Craig was part of the Danaher death squad.

Like Craig, Lachlan Giles is one of the best leg lockers in the game. But the reason I think this is the best leg lock instructionals is that Lachlan is such a good teacher. He is good at going into the small details without putting you to sleep.

So if you need to catch up on your leg lock game you might want to look into Lego Lock Anthology by Lachlan Giles. It still holds up as the best leg lock instructional on BJJ Fanatics!

Best Craig Jones Leg Lock Instructionals

Craig Jones is well known for being a leg lock master. He has submitted some of the greatest grapplers in the world with his famous leg lock game. This is actually not one instructional but rather I’ll just mention Craig Jones four separate instructionals on leg locks. 

The first one is Get Off My Legs Gringo. This is because even if you do not care so much about submitting people with leg locks you should at least know how to defend against them. 

Next, is Craig Jones’s classic, Down Under Leg Attacks. This instructional is his foundational program and an introduction to his leg lock system. Last but not least, is Battle Tested Down Under Leg Locks.

This really builds on down-under leg attacks but with some new leg lock techniques, he has further perfected. 

Recently Craig Jones has put another leg attack instructional out that actually focuses more on kneebars than heel hooks. It’s called You Can’t Knee Bahh and is great for anyone looking for the latest instructional on kneebars.

Finishing Leg Locks Daisy Fresh Style By Jacob Couch

Wanna learn leg locks Daisy Fresh style? Then look no further than this leg lock instructional from Jacob Couch. He is one of the rising daisy fresh stars and like many of them has a nasty leg lock game.

In this leg lock instructional you will learn one of the most important aspects of leg locks. That is, of course, finishing them. Many people know how to get positioned for leg locks but fail at the final details of finishing.

Small tweaks can make the biggest difference between submitting your opponent with a leg lock or not. So if you struggle with actually finishing your leg locks you might wanna check out this instructional.

Grand Master Leg Locks: Best Old School Leg Lock Instructional

If you are not familiar with Gokor Chinichyan then you are missing out. Gokor is a grappling legend that is held to the same esteem as people like Rickson Gracie.

However, Gokor comes from a judo, sambo, catch wrestling, freestyle wrestling, and jujutsu background. Just to name a few of his grappling martial arts backgrounds.

That said, Gokor has coached some of the best grapplers and MMA fighters of all time including Karo Parisian and Ronda Rousey. In addition, he has been doing leg locks for decades.

Leg locks are an essential part of jiu-jitsu these days, but they were not always as popular. In fact, some people even frowned upon leg locks and considered it dirty fighting.

Of course, the logic of why leg locks are fighting dirty does not make any sense. Perhaps it was just an area other grappling styles could have an advantage over them Idk.

Either way, Leg Locks are nothing new to Gokor Chivichyan. In fact, he has been mastering them for a very long time. On top, of that he teaches some details that might even catch ( no pun intended ) the new no-gi leg lockers off guard.

The Leg Lock Arsenal By Gokor Ambaryan

A student of Gokor Chinichyan, Gokor Ambaryan is another great leg locker that does not come from a primary jiu-jitsu background. Like Gokor Chinichyan he is also named Gokor and is also great at leg locks.

In addition, his unique style will open your eyes to leg lock details that are unique to his style and works on everyone. Both Gokors often get overlooked compared to some of the other instructors on BJJ Fanatics.

Though part of me wants to keep this a secret, I think learning from them is one of the best ways to look at leg attacks through a whole new lens. With Gokor being a black belt under the Hayastan System, this might be the most unique leg lock instructional online.

Best Catch Wrestling Leg Lock Instructionals

The sudden focus on leg locks is somewhat new to many people in the jiu-jitsu world. However, catch wrestlers have been focusing on leg locks and leg attacks for quite some time.

Best of all, some of the ways catch wrestlers implement leg attacks can be a bit different than with jiu-jitsu practitioners. So sometimes learning leg attacks from catch wrestling can catch ( this time pun intended ) your BJJ rolling partners off guard (no pun intended). Sorry, last one.

Probably the best catch wrestling leg lock instructional to start with is Ground Marshal Leglocks by Neil Melanson. If you have read any of my stuff you know that I am a huge Neil Melan fan.

Using techniques from him has helped me submit training partners that are way better than me. This is simply because, with his unique style, many people in BJJ are not expecting these attacks.

This leg lock instructional is no different and is a great place to start. He is a great video of Neil showcases some less conventional leg attacks.

Another catch wrestler that has helped me catch my BJJ partners off guard is Josh Barnett. Specifically with his Achilles locks.

So another great leg attack instructional to check out is Championship Catch Wrestling: The Achilles Lock by Josh Barnett. His Achilles lock system can work on higher belts and even works on Demigods.

Best IBJJF Legal Leg Lock and Leg Attack Instructionals

Not all leg locks are allowed in Gi BJJ. In fact, there are very few leg attacks that are allowed compared to no-gi. So if you are more into Gi Jiu-Jitsu but still want to learn leg locks then here are the best leg lock instructionals for IBJJF legal leg locks.

Buchecha Leg Locks By Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida

Marcus Almedia also nicknamed Buchecha is a multiple-time world and ADCC champion. He is a great BJJ instructor who is very well-rounded and has some of the best instructionals on BJJ fanatics.

A great one to check out is his IBJJF legal Leg Lock Instrucitonal. After all, a lot of leg locks are not allowed in Gi jiu-jitsu. So if you are looking for a leg lock instructional for gi BJJ this is the one for you.

IBJJF Leg Locks covered in this instructional include knee bars, foot locks, calf slicers, and even toe holds. The best part however, is that all of the leg attacks are allowed in IBJJF competition.

The Modern Leg Lock Manual By Victor Hugo

Another great instructional for IBJJF approved leg attacks is the modern leg lock manual by Victor Hugo. Victor Hugo is a top competitor in both Gi and No-Gi BJJ. With that he is one of today’s top leaders in modern leg locks in the Gi.

Victor will teach you how to attack from the bottom position with IBJJF legal leg attacks such as knee bars, toe holds, and ankle locks. Unlike many other leg lock instructionals Victor will show leg attacks that are optimized for the Gi.

 IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets By Dean Lister

Dean Lister is who John Danaher credits as the person to open his eyes to the effectiveness of leg locks in Jiu-Jitsu. He basically asked John why someone would ignore half of the human body.

With this leg attack instructional Dean Lister focuses on leg attacks that are allowed in IBJJF competition. He covers ankle locks, toe holds, kneebars, and more! All of which are great leg attacks both in and out of the gi.

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