About Us

Grappling School was founded by Joshua Paul who has a great passion for all grappling sports and martial arts. Our goal is to provide our readers with the best grappling information written by real grapplers.

We want to help you whether you are just getting started with grappling art or simply want to improve your craft. Or best yet, we want to help you develop the same deep passion for grappling that we do.

BJJ is the fastest-growing martial art but there is still a lack of information online that is truly helpful. Don’t get me wrong there are of course some amazing websites on BJJ. However, there is still a lot of bad information out there.

With so many blogs scrapping information off the internet or using AI to write their content, we wanted to provide our readers with valuable content written by people who actually love grappling sports.

Not Just Another BJJ Blog

That said, we are not just another BJJ blog. We love all forms of grappling and believe that learning the best techniques from each art will make you a better grappler.

So many websites are only dedicated to BJJ or another specific grappling art. But I wanted to create something where grapplers of all different types can get their information.

After all, with submission grappling becoming more and more mainstream, all the grappling arts are starting to mix together. Today the best BJJ competitors are cross-training in wrestling, sambo, and all of the other grappling arts.

The end result is becoming a better grappler. So whether you are into BJJ, Wrestling, Judo, Catch Wrestling, Sambo, or any other grappling art, we got you covered. The goal is to get you passionate about grappling and help you improve your craft every day!