Pressure Passing In BJJ ( What is it and how to use it in jiu-jitsu )

Pressure Passing BJJ

One of the fundamental keys to learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is learning how to pass your opponent’s guard. Essentially guard passing can be broken down into two categories. That is pressure passing and speed passing.

Pressure passing is a type of guard pass in BJJ where you use pressure to pin your opponent’s hips in order to pass their guard. Pressure passing requires technique and skill but less athleticism than speed passing.

There are many types of pressure passes in BJJ but all of them require using your body to pressure your opponent’s body in a way that allows you to pass their guard. Speed passing on the other hand is simply using speed and athleticism to pass your opponent’s guard.

Unlike pressure passing in BJJ, speed passing does not require that you pin your opponent’s hips in order to pass their guard. Instead, you simply need to get past their hips faster than your opponent can counter your guard pass.

Pressure Passing vs. Speed Passing Which Is Better?

I do not think you could say pressure passing or speed passing is better. Instead, I would say that one is better for some people than others and vice versa. That said, I think it is important to know both.

However, for me I much prefer pressure passing. This is simply because I am a bigger guy who is not as fast as some of the younger guys I roll with. I do think that as you get older pressure passing should become more of a staple of your game.

Or if you are a bigger guy who is not super athletic you might prefer to use more pressure passing than speed passing. Though I high bodyweight might not suit you well for being super fast, it does come in handy with pressure passing.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a 250-pound guy over-under passing you while taking their sweet time. So again it really depends but using pressure passing in BJJ might be one way to help you keep up with the more athletic BJJ players at your academy.

What If I Am a Smaller Grappler

If you are a smaller man or woman this does not mean that you cannot effectively use pressure passing in your BJJ game. I was implying to some people that they can use their weight to their advantage.

That said, it pressure passing does not require you to be the biggest guy at the gym to work effectively. When you know how to use your weight it does not require as much of it as you might think.

Of course, if you are on the smaller side and are quick and athletic then speed passing might be more your speed. That said, you should learn some effective pressure-passing techniques regardless of your size.

Examples Of Pressure Passing In BJJ

There are many examples of pressure passes in BJJ. Probably my personal favorite and one that every BJJ player should know is the double underpass.

The double underpass is highly effective at all levels and is the perfect example of a pressure pass. Anyone who has gotten their guard passed by a master at the double underpass knows precisely what I mean.

Some grapplers are so good at this pass that they will have you begging them to pass their guard. This is simply because they know how to use their body to put an enormous amount of pressure on you.

Time is on your side when you are using the double under pass. After all, it is you putting your opponent in an uncomfortable position while you are in a position that you can hang out in as long as you need to.

The Double Under Pass: My Favorite Pressure Pass In BJJ

The Over Under Pass

The over under pass is another great pressure pass in BJJ. The difference between the over under and double under pass is how many under hooks you have.

Obviously the double under is two under hooks whereas the over under is one over and one under. Both are effective but you can best utilize each depending on what position you can get.

How To Become A Master At Pressure Passing In BJJ

The best way to become a master at pressure passing in BJJ is to learn a few and practice them over and over. If you are new to BJJ the first I would try and master is the double under pass.

You will likely find yourself in your opponent’s guard, so you will need to first learn how to break your opponent’s closed guard and then how to do the double under pass.

Then learning the over under pass would be the second one I would start to master. These two are really the best and most effective pressure passes you need to master first.

Pressure Passing Tips

No matter your size you will need to learn how to properly apply pressure when rolling. You can master this by learning how to properly distribute your weight.

You need to learn to apply pressure but also in the right direction. Too much pressure in the wrong direction will set you up to lose your balance and even get swept.

This is true whether you are going for a pressure pass or simply pinning your opponent in a dominant position. You really need to learn how to apply pressure properly and know where to apply it.

You are also going to need to focus on masting your timing. Again when you have good control and pressure on your opponent you can take your time and wait for the perfect opportunity to pass their guard.

Remember that it is your opponent in the uncomfortable position not you. So put the pressure and let them sit in that uncomfortable position until they are basically begging you to pass their guard.

Best BJJ Instructionals For Pressure Passing

Learning from BJJ instructionals is another way to learn how to master certain techniques. For mastering this particular technique there are two that I would start with.

The one you choose first depends on whether or not you are focusing more on Gi or no-gi jiu-jitsu. If you are focusing on both then I’d say get both but start in gi first.

Battle Tested Pressure Passing By Bernardo Faria

Battle-tested pressure passing by Bernardo Faria is the go-to instructional for the gi. After all, I don’t think there is anyone who has mastered pressure passing like Bernardo has.

In fact, he has proven his system against some of the greatest grapplers of all time. Though Bernardo has proven this at the highest levels, he is also a master of breaking it down for people who are new to BJJ.

Pressure passing in the Gi is a fundamental part of BJJ, so you don’t want to pass this instructional up ( sorry I had to throw out at least one pressure passing pun )!

No-Gi Pressure Passing by Bernado Faria

Now if your main on only focus is no-gi then you are going to want to check out No-Gi Pressure Passing by Bernado Faria.

This is one of the best BJJ instructionals you can purchase for No-Gi Pressure passing.

Joshua Paul

Joshua Paul is a BJJ purple belt who lives in Austin, Texas. Joshua loves all forms of grappling and when he is off the mats he is likely spending time with his wife and son.

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