The 4 Best BJJ Instructionals For White Belts and Beginners

best BJJ instructionals for beginners

The two best BJJ instructionals for white belts and beginners are Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Bernardo Faria and Roy Dean’s Blue Belt Requirments. But there are other great white belt instructionals to choose from as well. 

Another great beginner BJJ instructional to check out is Fundamentals Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Escapes by Lachlan Giles. After all, the first thing many top BJJ instructors suggest white belts and beginners focus on is BJJ escapes. 

Though it is a collection of white belt instructionals, the Daisy Fresh White Belt Bundle is also another great option. Though you can purchase each white belt instructional individually, you can save by purchasing all four in a bundle. 

Top 4 Best Instructionals For BJJ White Belts Include:

These instructionals are the best choice for BJJ white belts. We will go into more detail about each of these beginner instructionals later. But the basic concept is that they are specifically made for beginners.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you are new to BJJ is trying to learn advanced concepts before you have a grasp of the basics.

When choosing the correct instructional Dvd or digital course as a white belt you want to make sure the program focuses on the basics. This would include simple things such as positional hierarchy, basic escapes, and basic submissions.

These BJJ instructionals are specifically geared towards being white belt and beginner-friendly. 

#1 Foundations Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu By Bernardo Faria

This instructional is the best for white belts because it truly focuses on the BJJ fundamentals. It goes into detailed knowledge on how to properly execute the very basic yet effective techniques of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It contains over 5 hours worth of detailed techniques that are the foundations of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Though it is 5 hours long it will take you much longer than 5 hours to get through this content. What will take you even longer is to drill the info in this course to the point that you master the techniques in this course.

If you were to do that then you would have a great foundation of BJJ. Of all of the instructional and digital programs, Foundations Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu would be my first pick.

In addition, this program is also a great resource even when you get to blue belt and above. It is the perfect resource to go back to when you want to iron out the fundamentals. After all, you are never too good to work on the basics. 


#2 Roy Dean’s Blue Belt Requirements 2.0

For many people, this is their go-to instructional for the basics of BJJ. Roy Dean is great at breaking complicated details in a way that a white belt can understand.

He dives into this program with some of the most basic concepts you need to understand. He goes as far as starting this program with learning Ukemi. Which is basically learning how to roll and fall properly.

He also goes over basic takedowns, sweeps, submissions, escapes, and many other foundational techniques of BJJ. It is certainly a program that is worth giving a shot, especially if you are more of a beginner in BJJ.


#3 Fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Escapes Gi & No Gi by Lachlan Giles

It is hard to find a better teacher than Lachlan Giles. He is the best in my opinion at breaking down the complicated art of BJJ into a way that anyone can understand. One of the greatest things you need to master as a white belt is escapes.

This program goes deep into BJJ escapes from all of the major positions in BJJ. If you can master a few good escapes from all of the positions at the bottom of the positional hierarchy then you can shoot way ahead of the other white belts at your academy.

After all, you are going to be spending a lot of time as a white belt in bad positions. The quicker you can learn to escape the quicker you can master the other aspects of BJJ.


#4 The Daisy Fresh Curriculum: White Belt Bundle By Heath Pedigo

Even if you are new to BJJ you have probably heard of Daisy Fresh. After all, Daisy Fresh has produced some of the greatest competitors in both Gi and No-gi BJJ.

With notable competitors such as Andrew Wiltze and Jacob Couch. That said, one of the things that has made Daisy Fresh produce so many good grapplers is their head coach Heath Pedigo.

In this BJJ instructional bundle, you get the whole Daisy Fresh White Belt System from 1 stripe to 4 stripes. If you want a bundle you can learn for your whole white belt journey and beyond then this is the one to get! 

That said, it consists of four white belt instructionals that can be purchased individually as well. Each instructional is based on white belt stripes. So if you are brand new to BJJ you would start with the first White Belt Stripe 1 Instructional.

Then move on to stripe 2, 3, and 4. But if you can afford it now you might as well save some money and purchase the bundle at a discounted price.


Why White Belts Should Buy Instructionals

One critique that you will often hear is why would you buy instructionals when so much information is free online. There is a lot of truth to this as you can find a video on just about every technique you can think of on youtube. The problem with this thinking is that as a white belt you would not even know where to start.

Just like with a good recipe, you don’t just need the ingredients. You need to know the exact ingredients, exactly how much of each, what order to cook the ingredients, temperatures, cook time, and whatever else.

If you are just getting started it is probably not a great idea to simply start looking up random submissions you think look cool.

You need to learn techniques in the proper order to fully build your foundation in BJJ. The great thing about many of the BJJ fundamentals digital courses is that they will teach you what you need to learn in the correct order. In addition, you will learn why it is in that order and pick up on many small details along the way.

Without proper guidance, you can get lost when trying to learn BJJ online. There are a ton of little things that you will miss if you try to wing it yourself. For example, you might learn 10 cool submissions but never realize that you have to first get past your opponent’s guard to execute them.

In Summary

When you are new to BJJ you do not simply want to buy any random jiu-jitsu instructional online. Some of them if not most of them would not be what you should be focusing on at this time.

Though online instructional and digital programs cannot replace live training, they might help you to learn faster.

That said, make sure you pick the right program. As a white belt and even a blue belt, you should be mostly focused on the most basic foundational techniques of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. For other programs check out my BJJ instructional guide

Joshua Paul

Joshua Paul is a BJJ purple belt who lives in Austin, Texas. Joshua loves all forms of grappling and when he is off the mats he is likely spending time with his wife and son.

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