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Heath Pedigo is the head coach of Daisy Fresh and is one of the best instructors of all time. Recently Heath Pedigo released his first instructionals on BJJ Fanatics. So in this article, we will discuss all of the best Heath Pedigo instructionals in detail.

Of course, it is hard to say which Heath Pedigo instructionals are the best. Rather it depends on where you are in your BJJ journey. Keith Pedigo’s current instructional series is for white and blue belts.

So if you are new to BJJ or a blue belt then Keith Pedigo has some of the best instructionals you can buy. Of course, I would argue that higher belts can also go back to the fundamentals. So I believe these instructionals can be great for just about anybody.

Best Heath Pedigo Instructional For Beginners

Heath Pedigo’s white belt series might be the best instructional series you can buy as a white belt in BJJ. In fact, the series is designed to take you from strip one all the way to stripe 4. So you can use this your entire white belt journey.

In fact, this is the only BJJ instructional series I would recommend purchasing until you are at the blue belt level. It would be better to buy the white belt bundle and really drill it over and over than to buy countless BJJ instructionals you only watch once.

White Belt Stripe 1 Instructional By Heath Pedigo

Best Heath Pedigo Instructional for white belts stripe 1

If you just started BJJ then Heath Pedigo’s white belt stripe 1 instructional is the first one you should consider. In this instructional Heath Pedigo shares his secrets of what exactly he wants his new white belts to learn.

This Heath Pedigo instructional starts with how to pull guard from the standing position. Next, you will start to learn Heath’s signature control tips and attacks that he teaches his brand-new white belts.

Learning how to retain closed guard and attack from the bottom position is one of the first things white belts should focus on. The only thing I would argue should be taught before this is BJJ escapes.

Don’t worry, however, because that is exactly what is taught next. You will learn some basic escapes and guard recovery. All in all, I think this is the best Heath Pedigo Instructional If you are a brand-new white belt.

White Belt Stripe 2 Instructional By Heath Pedigo

Heath Pedigo Instructional Stripe 2

After mastering the stripe 1 instructional the next best Heath Pedigo instructional is his stripe 2 curriculum. This one also starts on the feet but this time you will learn Heath’s favorite takedowns and guard passes for white belts.

After this, you will learn how to move from passing the guard into a dominant position on your opponents. This is the start of building an offensive top game in BJJ. It is crucial for anyone who is starting BJJ.

This is true even if your focus is self-defense or sport. After all you do not want to pull guard in a self-defense situation and passing the guard and getting to a dominant position can score you points in competition.

White Belt Stripe 3 Instructional By Heath Pedigo

Moving on to Heath Pedigo’s stripe 3 instructional curriculum. In this instructional, you will build on the previous on and learn how to really establish an effective top game as a white belt.

On top of that, you will also learn more white belt-friendly guard passes that actually work against modern guards. Then comes the fun part, which is learning the first submissions Heath Pedigo teaches to his white belt students.

What I love about everything Heath teaches to his white belts is that he focuses on techniques that work at all levels of the sport.

White Belt Stripe 4 Instructional By Heath Pedigo

Alright, so we are almost done with Heath Pedigo’s instructionals for white belts. The only one left is his white belt stripe 4 curriculum. In this last instructional you will learn to become even more offensive from the bottom guard.

You will build up even more attacks and submissions from the bottom guard. This would include joint locks, chokes, sweeps, and more. On top of that, you will also learn some more effective escapes and really seal your white belt journey.

Not saying of course, that it will make you a blue belt. But you will get a good insight into what Heath Pedigo wants his white belts to focus on. In case you did not know Heaths Pedigo’s white belts tend to win some of the best tournaments in the world. So whatever he is teaching them sure is working.

Get All 4 Heath Pedigo Instructionals For White Belts At Discount

Best Heath Pedigo Instructional Bundle

If you are looking for the best Heath Pedigo instructionals at the best price then you might consider purchasing the bundle. By purchasing all four instructionals at once you can get a discounted price!

At the time of writing this article, it is selling for the above price of $697 for all four. However, this is subject to change so make sure to check the current price before purchasing.

Best Heath Pedigo Instructionals For Blue Belts

If you are past the white belt stage or are more interested in Heath Pedigo’s no-gi instructionals then you might want to check out his Blue Belt curriculum.

Thankfully, just like the Heath Pedigo white belt instructionals, the blue belt curriculum also has four instructionals matching all four stripes on your way to purple belt.

Daisy Fresh Blue Belt Instructional Bundle

Again if you want the best Heath Pedigo instructionals at the best price you can also save by purchasing the Blue Belt Bundle.

At the time of writing this article, it is going for the $697 shown above. Of course, this is subject to change but you can expect to get a discount from purchasing the bundle.

Like the white belt bundle, the Heath Pedigo blue belt bundle features all four of the instructionals in the series. Starting with stripe one all the way to stripe.

Blue Belt Stripe 1 Instructional by Heath Pedigo

The best no-gi Heath Pedigo instructional to get started with his Blue belt stripe 1 curriculum. Though it covers what Heath Pedigo teaches his blue belts I think it is applicable to everyone.

This instructional starts on the feet and has a focus on creating an offensive game by forcing your opponent into headlock, turtles, and or simply getting a dominant position. Heath teaches you how to hand fight and set yourself up for effective takedowns.

Heath will also show you how to dominate guard players and effectively pass anyone guard. You will learn various guard passes including the cradle pass, foot sweet pass, knee slice pass, body lock passes, and more.

Blue Belt Stripe 2 Instructional By Heath Pedigo

Best Heath Pedigo No Gi Instructional

After mastering Heath Pedigo’s stripe 1 instructional for blue belts it is time to move on to stripe 2. The is a lot to learn from this instructional starting with learning how to pull guard in no-gi and how to fight from the sit-up guard.

You will also learn some sweeps as well as more guard passes and even wrestle-ups. Last but not least you will learn Heath Pedigo’s X-guard system, more attacks, and so much more!

Blue Belt Strip 3 Instructional by Heath Pedigo

Best Heath Pedigo instructional for Blue belts

Heath Pedigo’s Blue Belt stripe 3 instructional gets a little more exciting with the introduction to some basic yet effective leg attacks. You will learn competition-approved ankle locks and get an early start to beginner leg attacks.

In addition, Heath will teach you his secrets to an effective offensive closed guard game. You will learn how to control the posture of your opponents to set up sweeps, back takes, and of course submissions.

You will also learn how to avoid getting your guard passed and so much more!

Blue Belt Stripe 4 Instructional by Heath Pedigo

Last but not least is Heath Pedigo’s Blue Belt stripe 4 instructional for no-gi BJJ. In this last instructional of the series, you will learn Heath’s complete guard passing system which is highly effective at all levels of jiu-jitsu.

By the time you are finished with this instructional, you will have developed a great offensive strategy to pass just about any guard using a variety of guard passes for various guards.

Best Instructionals From The Rest Of The Daisy Fresh Team

Though we have covered the best Heath Pedigo instructionals, there are many others on the Daisy Fresh team you might want to learn from.

You can check out the rest of the instructionals from Daisy Fresh in my article: Best Daisy Fresh Instructionals! I also cover Heath Pedigo in that article as well but it also features Andrew Wiltse, Jacob Couch, and Chad Hawkins.

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